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Jabal Al Toor Building Material and Marble Trading Co LLC has been in business since a decade. We are internationally managed and a part of Tinka Group (Pioneers Since 1983), having head office in Carrara, Italy.

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Marble Moulding


Mouldings are well-known as a distinguished and smart piece of design and construction material for your living spaces. Moldings allow the use of different types of natural stones together. Mouldings provide us with an aesthetic transition between two different types of natural stones by placing them between them. Moldings are specifically used for walls and staircases. Like in the ancient ages, moldings ensure a natural harmony between different types and different forms of natural stones. Especially, molding skirting creates a stylish look on your walls and staircases.

Small details can enhance the look of your space. We should invest the time to have perfect mouldings to give the property an elegant look.

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