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Jabal Al Toor Building Material and Marble Trading Co LLC has been in business since a decade. We are internationally managed and a part of Tinka Group (Pioneers Since 1983), having head office in Carrara, Italy.

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Book Match Interior Designing UAE

Book Match Designing

Book Matched designing create a flowing pattern within your floor or wall and appears more uniform. Book matched design is one of the truest ways to showcase the natural beauty of the stone and can become a statement piece of art. Book matched means that the first slab in a block is polished on one side and the slab right next to that is polished on the backside. If these slabs are laid out end-to-end, the pattern continues from one slab to the next with no break in the pattern

Book Match slabs installed as flooring and walls are assembled with a mirror image pattern, matching up the warp and weft of the naturally intertwining veins of the marble extracted from natural quarries. Book matching looks equally amazing in both contemporary and traditional setting

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