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Jabal Al Toor Building Material and Marble Trading Co LLC has been in business since a decade. We are internationally managed and a part of Tinka Group (Pioneers Since 1983), having head office in Carrara, Italy.

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Onyx Natural Stone Slab


Powerful and attractive, with a vocation for prominence and a ground-breaking spirit: the collection of Onyx byJabal Al Toor is only suitable for outstanding spaces. Its beautiful combination of sand, white, gold, and ochre hues is reminiscent of desert sands and evokes stony fissures that are millions of years old.

Onyx marble deploys thousands of aesthetic possibilities as part of this magnificent collection of natural stones. Nebulae, parallel lines, broken seams, and blurred shapes created a universe that recalls the age of the Earth while remaining highly contemporary.

Pioneers in the industry, we offer onyx brown marble for flooring, countertops, white onyx marble, pink onyx marble, mango onyx marble, countertop onyx marble, and red onyx marble.

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